Saturday, May 28, 2016

Can't Wait to See Frozen

     I absolutely loved Aladdin when it played at the Hyperion at DCA and was sad to see it go but, hey it had a long run. It was time for it to step aside for something new. I was so thrilled to hear Frozen would enter the theater and can't wait to see it.

     I was able to see Aladdin the first year it played and will be lucky enough to see Frozen its first year too.

     I've been watching different video previews of Let it Go from the live production. The technology is amazing. Leave it to Disney to make it bigger than life!  I can't wait to experience it in person. Even this video gives me chills. I can imagine how it will be when I am actually there.

               The lines will be long, but the wait will be worth it. I hope that they let you video tape it because I plan to do so.  So for those who have no seen the Youtube video, enjoy.

Let it Go Frozen Live at the Hyperion

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