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Day Three in the Parks July 14, 2014

We made it to the parks at 10:45 AM. I know, not early but that was ok. We have several days at the parks and just want to take it easy and enjoy. We don't want to rush at all. I think tht is why our trip in 2014 was so special. We did not rush, we didn't go to bed super late and when we did go to bed late we slept in a bit so that we were not falling to sleep on rides all day. When we went by rides we stopped to ride them instead of rushing to the next one to see what the wait time was. It seemed like we were able to get on more attractions that way and enjoy what we did more.

This day we started at the Tiki Room. We were ready for a dole whip. Then Kyle and I rode Big Thunder Mountain while Ellen and Janet rode Mark Twain. We wented to try Big Thunder after the changes. It was great and not as jerky as before.

We had gotten a fast pass at Star Tours so rode it next. All of us rode. Then we went to ride Pinocchio's Daring Journey which broke down so we didn't get to ride. that was ok though it happens.

We ate at Big Thunder Barbecue which is always delicious. It is one of our favorite meals and one that we experience at least once each year. I wish it cost less so we could go more often.

We rode some rides in Fantasyland, then watched Mickey's Magical Map. That is such an amazing show! The music and special effects are superb.

After we watched Mickey's Map we headed at DCA around 5:30 PM. It was crazy busy at Disneyland and this was a great time to hop.

Grizzly River Run had a wait of 25 minutes so we decided "what the heck" and waited. We timed it and the wait ended up only being 15 minutes. Since it was past 6 before we got on the ride we decided to wear ponchos. It cools off enough in the evening that you sure do not want to be wet. Plus we went to ride Soarin after and it can be way too cold if you ride it wet. We had a fast pass for Soarin.

Kyle and I rode screamin next with the two chickens shopped. After that we ate a Ghirdelli ice cream and headed to the room early, around 8:30 so we could get to bed early. The next day was our early entry.  We did watch the fireworks from the tower which is always fun.

This was a very fun and relaxing day at Disney Resort.

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